Pretty Lanterns lighting up the sky

Bali Beach winter getaway

After coming back to Australia and settling into full-time work after my Sri Lankan surf adventures, I can’t believe over three months has passed since my last overseas trip!

Since I started my new job March I’ve been camping in Preston Beach and Denmark, Western Australia as well as a weekender back to our old home in Melbourne for a quick visit.  I made a promise to get away at least once a month, and so far we have met target 😃 More on that story, later!

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Relaxing watching the sunset at Ahungama

Sri Lanka surfing, sailing and scuba diving on the South Coast!

Steve and I chose to spend the second part of our Sri Lankan adventure calling the magical little surf town of Weligama home – a quiet little surf haven on the south coast of Sri Lanka. From the moment we arrived, we knew it was the perfect place for us to spend the next ten days!

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Luke and I at the final rest stop - almost made it down Death Road alive!

Snow, salt flats and biking Death Road – surviving my stay in Bolivia

Miraculously, we somehow made it onto the night bus to Bolivia after leaving it a *little* too late to order our taxi and having to run across the bus station carpark, with 18kgs on my back and another 7kg on my front (what do I actually have in there?) and I can safely say I do not want to practice running with my gear ever again. Read More

Fly away - artwork by Alexandr Arigulla

If you want to go, book a flight and just make it happen!

Ever since I can remember, I have always had it in my heart that I wanted to explore the world – an insatiable, endless fascination with different cultures and places that only ever grows stronger as I tick each country off the list.
As a child, I’d stare excitedly at world maps for hours at a time, looking at countries, capital cities, learning about geography. Even the Melways (the street map of Melbourne where I grew up) was interesting to me – planning out routes of how to get between different places, I was always itching to explore more.

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The magnificent view at Machu Picchu

Heading back in time to check out magical Incan cities in Peru

“Excuse me, I’ll need to see your onward travel confirmation”. My heart sank a little as the words rolled off the airline check in clerk’s tongue. No boarding pass for me unless I could come up with the goods.

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All the things I purchased along the way * - notice the larger pile :)

What’s in a pack – How my bag evolved over the course of a year!

After spending almost a year on the road, and being thoroughly sick of wearing the same clothes day in and day out (planning my laundry trips has become my greatest challenge – tough life for sure!), I thought I’d have a look inside my beloved backpack and see how the contents have evolved along the way.

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Playa Concha, Santa Marta