Every now and then when you are on the road, you have to make a decision that will change the shape of your experiences going forward – and it can feel quite daunting! Both options had equal merit, and spending all my time deliberating over the decision was making me turn into some sort of a nervous wreck.
Would I go to Canada as I had planned, to work in a hostel in the mountains and spend my time mountain biking and hiking? Or would I do a u-turn from where I was in Miami, Florida, and head back down to experience more latin culture in South America?
Crazy as it sounds, but exciting and liberating at the same time, I had a friend of mine toss a coin on my behalf – that way I couldn’t cheat and go back on my word.
“Heads for Canada amd tails for South America,” I said confidently as the outcome lay waiting on the table.
“Well you are going to South America then, aren’t you.”
The first emotion I felt on hearing those words was relief. Relief that I no longer had to think about what  the consequences of the outcome were. There is was, done deal, and all there was to do now was to start putting plans into action. It was awesome!
So here I am sitting in Lima Peru, about to embark on the next leg of my journey – South America.
That wasn’t so hard, after all…. Canada can wait!