If you have an idea, just go with the flow

When I decided to start writing a blog one of the things that stopped me from beginning straight away was choosing the right name. I spent a lot of time and energy stressing about what would be cool,  catchy and convey exactly what I was all about.


But then I just took action. I sat down and stared writing.

I went on wordpress one day, all of a sudden I had a name for my blog and I was away. I realised that it didnt matter, I just needed something on the table (well maybe not quite anything), and that I could always refine and imrpove from there.

I also struggled with what content I’d like to talk about. Should I post on travel? Challenges? Random thoughts and things that I notice along the way? Is it going to be a mish mash of things that whir through my mind? Probably!

However now that I have gained some momentum, sharing my thoughts is not as hard as i’d thought it was going to be, and the simple act of writing provides clarity and organisation.

Coming from a person who felt so overwhelmed that she never really had the time to sit down and think, to a girl who sets aside time everyday for conscious thought, is amazing.

That first step is the hardest and now that I have begun my journey I can see more clearly that it was simply indecision that was holding me back and making my mind feel like chicken soup.

So don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, just set time aside to sit down and write, and do it for you 🙂

About me and my blog – my first post

So here I am – a happy solo female traveller going with the flow for the first time in my life – but more to the point how did I get here?  And where in the world exactly is Carmen Sandiago?

For so long I was going about my life doing exactly what “society” expected me to do – go to school, get a university education which leads to a good career, follow hobbies, play sport and make friends.

Always above average at everything I tried, but never exemplary, I always felt something was lacking. In any case I never really felt like I fit in, a bit like a square peg in a round hole.  

My time at university was great but the endless stream of social events and waterski trips to organise just masked the fact that underneath it all, I hadn’t yet found what I was seeking – what exactly is it that I want to do with my time in this life?

Through primary school my two best friends had always known what they wanted to be when they “grew up” – a chef and a hairdresser. Sure enough, thats the path that life has carved for them, and on the surface, they seem happy.

I however, never felt like I had a natural calling…

As a bit of a multitasker took to being experienced in just about anything – since variety keeps me interested. This has meant though that I have not followed any one true passion enough to become a master in it, whatever that may actually mean!

Underneath the cover of having a decent career, many friends and plenty of hobbies, I was becoming more and more unhappy about the fact that I wasn’t sure that I was following the right path and achieving everything I was capable of… the self doubt and insecurity would set in and my mind would tell me all the reasons why I wasn’t able to do it rather than believing that I could.

My worst enemy was in my own mind…

The fear of making the wrong decision has kept me hostage for such a long time, and it has only been recently that I have finally realised that any decision is a good decision. More on that later!

Publishing this blog post is the first step towards ending my constant procrastination and indecision, finally holding myself accountable and realising that putting something on the table is better than nothing at all, even if it is not perfect the first time.

I’m aiming to update my blog every fortnight with my progress, stories and anything else helpful that I come across along the way – hopefully you can read along and enjoy the ride!

Adios for now


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